AirSense Wireless is the European market leader in Wi-Fi/Cellular Network Interoperability.

Our technology is used by the world’s largest communications companies to deliver better, more intelligent user experiences.  As the customer demand for wireless data services has increased, so has the complexity of accessing data networks.

The Hypernet results from combining Cellular and Wi-Fi networks with optimised services.  Using today’s mobile devices people all over the world are finding it easy to build basic Hypernets.    People are able to combine their cellular allowance with Wi-Fi (public, bundled with home broadband, and carrier provided); but it is far from the effortless experience it could be.

AirSense’s technology allows our customers to devise and execute their own Hypernet strategy.

AirSense Wireless simplifies connection management to give the best possible mobile broadband user experience, whilst creating revenue opportunities and saving network costs. Learn More >
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